Wednesday, September 21, 2011

okay this is my first post in this blog . im gonna introduce myself first , im born with a name "bibiana dellavie lestari usmin" . peoples called me just "lavie" . if you're france or at least mastering france language , you'll know that my name means life in english . (re: La vie = life ) . but actually my mom and dad didn't know it before my family doctor told them when im 3 years old . weird huh ? a lot of my friends or you can say ALL of them usually called me "cipe" . even my parents and my family sometimes called me "cipe" too . gah ! it all started when a genius adriel (one of my junior high friend) said that i've a slanted eyes and "cipe" means slanted eyes . since that time , peoples knows me as CIPE . okay fine .

all of my life i'd spent with SANTA URSULA school . kindergarden , elementary , junior high , and senior high . im a true sanurian LOL . no matter how i hate their rules , no matter how i hate my teachers , now i have to admit that i miss them , and their moral values is good and it is really change me as a person . really . i never use a plastic bag again since i graduated from santa ursula . its a lil bit awkward but now i am a more decipline person . aaaaaa .

then i went here at UMN (universitas multimedia nusantara) . i took DKV ( visual communication design ) as my major . if i have to me be honest , I CAN'T DRAW AT ALL . i just love to do the coloring activities at kid's drawing book . so how will i survive ? oh GOD . we'll see and please pray for me .

well , i made this blog as a project from my color theory's lecture . the end .